Who’s Next for Manny Pacquiao


A devastating win by Manny Pacquiao against David Diaz in 135 float made many speculations whose next for Pacquiao in the square world. With a record of 47-3-2 (win-loss-draw) with 35 KO’s, he said, anyone is welcome to challenge him.

Could it be Britain’s Ricky Hatton whose only defeat was of Floyd Mayweather? The fighter who is now in the list by many spectators could draw bigger green bucks if they got the chance to square off in the next bell ring? The record is 44 wins-1 loss- 1 draw, 31 of which is by knockout. Is Pacquaio not afraid to level up at 140?

And many believe, he is the best in the list?

The undefeated Edwin Valero is also in the green light. But the boxer is presumably over rated and could not stand the punching power of Pacman. Many believe he could not stand that long… six rounds is the best world for him.  His impressive 24-0-0 is not quite ready to challenge the man from General Santos City.  Ask Honda why?

And then, again, the great Oscar Dela Hoya. It would be a mega-bout if these would happen. If Pacman wins again Oscar, then, trainer Freddie Roach can pull now the gloves off the hands of his favorite fighter and hang it in his gym. But he’s aging with a record of 37 wins and 4 losses.

Floyd Mayweather is in the hopes of many aficionados, but I think, the chance would be 80 to 20 percent. He is in the helm and he doesn’t want that to be broken. And oh boy, he’s 38 and 0.  How they could convince Floyd to come back?

There are many prospects in the higher weights, but in the 130, I think, there is no one can stand in him.

If they persist, it would be better for Pacquiao to get retire…


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