Who Cares and Loves Me

When I was down and when I was up

I thought I was all alone

Trying to find someone to be with

Ready to lend a helping hand,

Then suddenly you came into my life

That only showed you do a lot of care and love me

You made me feel humble in everything

And you assisted me in correcting my mistakes

Really how great it is to have you

For you helped me face all the challenges in my life

All this trials that came to me

I had surpassed them with guidance and care

For all the shortcomings in my life

With you in my heart

You had filled them up

Now I believe that you do care and love me

Because your redeemer

My Lord Jesus Christ forever

Honey Rodriguez


One thought on “Who Cares and Loves Me

  1. Hey… this might be a little odd but i remembered someone of the name honey rodriguez that i went to grade school with many years ago. I thought it might be interesting to catch up… i could be totally wrong and if i am i apologize but if you went to parkway middle school 94-95 or 95-96 please write me an e-mail… otherwise… have a nice day

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