Mama, Have I Got My Letter In Palanca (2nd Series)

The Red and Yellow Letter

Tugot brought me here

Tugot brought me here

I was riding in a mini-bus, heading home when I received a text message from my wife Lisa: “Adda suratmo, ngem itugotnakami idiay Manila, a!” I know it, right from there, my entry in Short Story-Iluko category have won.

I was so exaggerated happy at that time that even though I have not yet confirmed it, I told it to Arlon who is sitting beside me.

I text back Lisa, “Have I won Palanca?” But she replied, “Basta, itugotnakami ni Bojong.”

And so, when I got home, I was welcome with warm smile by Lisa and my kids: “Where’s my letter?” I asked. And she brought it to me… a red envelope letter with markings A4 by LBC. Oh yeah, it was already opened. By whom? Guess what?

But anyway, what really matter is the letter. She handed to me the white envelope letter with golden address imprinted outside. I got the letter, and the first word that I saw: “Congratulations!” Yehey.

The letter informing me that my entry “Dangilen” have won first prize in Short Story-Iluko category. I have to be in The Manila Peninsula on September 1, 2008 for awarding ceremonies.

What happens next, ha ha, I screamed like a little boy given with candy or ice cream. I was acting like a child that I was jumping for joy. It seems really first time for me to win Palanca. I was so rejoice that I kept telling Lisa that I have won Palanca… yeah, she knew it already, she’s the one who open my letter.

Where’s my invitation? It came late, after a week I guess.

Oh, yes… this is my third letter from Palanca.


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