Writers Gumil Oahu’s Literary Workshop and Forum

Three multi-awarded and Pedro Bucaneg Awardees writers will speak in Gunglo Dagiti Mannurat nga Ilocano(GUMIL) Oahu Literary Workshop and Forum to be held at the Philippine Consulate General Lanai, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Amado Yoro, Ric Agnes, and Francisco will speak to the said event that will enhance the talent of the Ilocano writers based in Hawaii. Leo Fagaragan of GUMIL Filipinas will also speak in the conventin.

Amado Yoro, an Ilokano poet and award-winning writer, a community organizer and leader, Yoro is the “Man of the Year in Poetry 2007” given by the Gumil Filipinas, an international association of Ilokano Writers. A Pedro Bucaneg Awardee 2002, he will speak on “How to Start Writing in Poetry” as a past time or hobby. As a community volunteer, he was awarded “Thomas Jefferson Award 1987″ a most prestigious national award given by the American Institute of Public Service and the Honolulu Advertiser. “Pride in Waipahu” by the Waipahu Community Assn and Leeward Lions Club; served as a commissioner. Filipino Centennial Celebration Commission, UFCH Progress Award on Media & Communications 2000 to mention a few.. He served as the first president of Gumil Oahu for five years.

Ric Agnes will speak for feature story writing, a novelist and Bannawag writer. Agnes is a two times Carlos Palanca Awardee 1998-1999; Gumil Filipinas Pedro Bucaneg Awardee [2002], co-organizer of Gumil Oahu.

Francisco Ponce, short story and novel writing. Ponce is also a Gumil Filipinas Pedro Bucaneg 2008; PULA and RFAAFIL, Pacioles, Judge Vivencio Baclig Literary Award grand prize winner. “Bannawag Most Valuable Writer 1978, and poet, short story and novel writer. Multi-award in writing. A perennial Gumil Oahu Literary Forum Chairman since 1996.

Leo Fagaragan, Gumil Filipinas and Gumil Metro Manila, public relation officer will also speak in the forum. He is an AMMAFLA short story writing contest winner.

Gumil Oahu is an association of Ilokano writers in Oahu organized on August 13, 1996. This is the 12th anniversary celebration of the said organization.

Program for the literary and open forum will start at 8 in the morning until five and in the evening will be a cultural presentation and activities. Participants are encouraged to bring at least two or three written materials of their own as part of the workshop. There will be question and answer portion.


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