VIGAN CITY.  The Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia celebrated its 250 years of transfer of the seat from Lallo, Cagayan to Vigan, Ilocos Sur that marks also the first declaration of Vigan, Ilocos Sur as a city.

            September 7, 1758, when the archdiocese of Nueva Segovia moved to the western part of northern Luzon.

            The event was witnessed and concelebrated by Archbishop Ernesto Salgado and the parish priests of Nueva Segovia, Vigan City Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina and city officials, and Lallo Mayor Maria Olivia Pascual and the people of Lallo, Cagayan.

            The program started by handling the symbolic cross by the people of Lallo and personally received by the Biguenos led by Mayor Medina and Archbishop Salgado.

            They marched from the entrance road of Vigan and stopped in front of city hall of Vigan where a small program was held.

            They marched again until they reached the Arsobispado of Nueva Segovia where the program was held.

            In his speech, Archbishop Salgado said that his tears nearly fell because of his great happiness he feel right now.

            “Itattay iyawat ni Mayora (Pascual) ti krus, mabalinko a kunaen a dandaniak nagsangit.” He said in his message.

            Archbishop Salgado, said, that if there’s one word that would describe the whole affair, it is “Panagyaman”.

            Mayor Medina in her message recounts that the transfer of the seat of Nueva Segovia to Vigan marks also the beginning of new political and economical statute of Vigan at that time.

            “It is the 250th anniversary of Siudad Fernandina de Vigan.” She said.

            It was concluded that when the archdiocese was transferred to Vigan, the title as a City was also awarded to Vigan by virtue of royal decree of King Fernando V1.

            “It is resolved, that seat of Nueva Segovia, Philippines, be transferred to the said city… I also give Vigan an honor and title being a city.” As quoted by Mayor Medina.

            Medina, said, that this marked the beginning of steadfast, political union from colonial period to the present.

            Today, Vigan City is the home of many big businesses but preserving the cultural and colonial image of the past.

            Mayor Pascual said that handing the cross was not a sign of surrender but a gesture of respect and obedience.  It sustains the commitment in Catholicism.

            “Daytoy a krus ket pakalaglagipanyo kadakami iti Lallo ken Cagayan, which is the former Ciudad de Nueva Segovia.”  She said.

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