The Family Gagarao with their three set of twins.
The Family Gagarao with their three set of twins.

When Vic Gagarao, 31, of Bagar, Candon City, Ilocos Sur Philippines, and wife Marianita Ochate, 32, a native of Surigao del Norte, agreed to settle down, they never planned on how many child they will have… and it came 13 child of their 11 years as husband and wife.

How is that?

Well, they have 4 sets of twins, that means, 8 children.  They have other 5 children.  Anyway, 1 set of the twins died.

What most interesting in their twins is that the eldest and the youngest was born in the same date… September 10.  In a world record, only two incident have the coincedence of the same birthdate. Well, that means, they are third.  And in the Philippines, they are first.

Vic and Marianita’s first born twins are Maria Victoria and Vincent who was on September 10, 1997.  Their latest child Nicholas and Nicko James was born on September 10, 2008.  Their other twins are Michael and Marlon who was born on May 28, 2006 and the other are Victor and Dexter who died after a week they were born.

Their other children are Vic Jr., Aprilyn, Ariel, Mark Ryan, and Grace.

The father, Vic, has twin brother name Rody.  But unlike his brother, Rody has no child, so, he and his wife has adopted Grace, the second youngest of Vic.

Aside from them, their grand parents Mariano and Anatalia are twins.

Their aunt Doria who is married to Jaime Reyes has three sets of twins; Mara and Paolo, 27 years old; Jake and James who died when they are five months old; and Felix and Geranio, 16 years old now.

Jaime Reyes has a triplets nephews.  Aunt of Marianita has twins of two girls. But while Vic and Marianita has a lot of childrens, some of their brothers have no child at all.

How do they feed  and care their children today? That’s their hardest problem right now.

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