My Nov. 10 Story


Yeah, i’ve got a little happines for myself this date.  Why?  I have finally reached my 10,000 hits marked for my site

You know, a feeling of contentment because some of dear friends and kababayans and searches try to find my site, and its great feeling.

So far, my highest per day hits was 191, and that was on November 9, if i’m not mistaken.  And the top three visited post was the Mermaid Born in Candon, Mama, Have I Got A Letter In Palanca?, and Salamat Inay.

My site began this June 2008.  And you know what, during the first days, ive got flat signal, and never thought of going this far.  Haha, i have to shake my hands.


I’m trying to fill up the unholy hours of night just to fulfill my assignment in NaNoWrimo.  It’s hard pala. You know, this is my first time to write a novel, ah na, I have done many pala during past years, but I just cant finish it, after a 30 pages, i think, my words just don’t come out.  But one thing that keeping me on is the many email message from NaNo writers and saying just go on.

Update?  Yeah, 3,500 words so far, and at 13 pages.  Long way to go.  Anyway, I have so much time left pa, I have to go on.


Whoa! I am a million dollar man.  You know, the feeling of rejoice when you saw your pictures and your story written by some cool guys and place it in front of the pages of their newspaper. The banner. I have forget my purse in palanca because I feel like I have a million dollar in my pocket.  I have given a copy of The Voice to my mother, and again, I remember the meaning of MYMP.

And yeah, that’s only a feeling, because my wife is texting me again… “Danny, we don’t have rice to cook!”



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