Medical-Dental Mission ti Sinaitenians International Global Network

by Amado Yoro


            Balligi ti Medical/Dental Mission nga insayangkat ti Sinaitenians International & Global Network [SIGN] idi Abril 28-30, 2008 idiay Sinait, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

            Agdagup iti 2,426 nga umili, kaadduan dagiti marigrigat ti naagasan ken nataming iti programa.  Pakairamanan ditoy ti 404 iti surgical, 310 iti kugit, 90 iti excision, saggaysa iti hysterectomy, hernioplasty, hydroclectomy ken op smile. 1,085 iti medical, 493 iti pediatrics ken 434 iti dental.
            Daytoy ti resulta Medical ken Dental Mission nga impanguluan da Ronnie C. Salvador, presidente ken ni Mrs. Martha Salvador dagiti naggapu iti California.
            Kaaduanna kadagiti nakipartisipar iti nasao a mision ti naggapu iti Hawaii a pakairamanan da Gus Concepcion, bise presidente ti SIGN, Dolly Willing sekretaria, Dra. Estrella Pada Taong, tesorera, ken Paul Taong.
            Naikuyog pay ti grupo a pakaibilangan da   Florecita Peralta, presidente ti Sinait National High School Alumni Assn of Hawaii, ken 2 vice president ti Annak ti Sinait Iti Hawaii, dagiti agassawa a Davelyn ken Ador Quijano, agassawa a Carlos ken Anabel Rafanan, Leonila Degala, Lety Basuel Maui, Mrs. Manglicmot Maui ken napili a Mrs. Balikbayan ken adu pay a kameng iti Annak ti Sinait iti Hawaii, Sinait National High School Alumni, ken ti Sinatenians International & Global Network.
            Adda pay dagiti naggapu iti Kauai, Maui, Big Island ken kaaduanna iti naggapu iti Oahu, Hawaii.
            “Saan a nasayang ti pannakaisayangkat daytoy a mision,” kinuna ni Gus Concepcion, “…ket patiek a dakkel a banag ti naaramid ti gunglo. Adu dagiti nairanud aglalo kadagiti kakailian a nakurkurang ti gasatda. Isu ti gapuna nga ituloytayo daytoy,” insilpo pay ni Concepcion. Isu ti napili Balikbayan Mayor iti dayta a Mission ken Balikbayan Night.
            Kas bise ti SIGN ken Balikbayan Mayor, inkagumaan ni Concepcion ti pannakaurnos dagiti ramramit ti ospital ket naipatuloden ti sabali manen a 20 a karkarton dagiti donasion nga inurnosda iti nabiit.

Email manipud iti Sinait District Hospital nga ipanguluan ni Dr. Armando Agdeppa, naiturong ken ni Ronnie Salvador.
            ” To the members and officers of Sinaitenians International & Global Network.
            For the previous years, our fellow Sinaitenians coming from different places had been our partners in our quest in improving the healthcare program of our municipality through rendering free medical services and providing complimentary medicines to the needy people of Sinait.
            The medical mission conducted last April 28-30 was really a successful one. It helped many Sinaitenians especially the less fortunate ones who can not afford the growing expenses in seeking medical services so with increasing prices of medicines.
            In behalf of the Sinait District Hospital Medical team and personnel, I would then want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the members and officers of Sinaitenians International Global Network for their endless support in sponsoring, looking for benevolent donors to fund this medical/dental mission.
            My SALUTE to your hardworking president  Ronald Salvador and his wife Martha and other officers, volunteers and participants. .
            More power and hoping for more medical missions to come.

Total Patients Treated:
Circumcision 310
Excision 90
Histerectomy 1
Hernioplasty 1
Hydrocelectomy 1
Op. Smile 1

TOTAL 2426

Thanks to all of the volunteers, members and donors.


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