For Igorot Only

Probably... the last weaver of abel-binaig which so important to the dead of Igorot
Probably... the last weaver of abel-binaig which so important to the dead of Igorot

Her name is Salvacion Ramos, 85 years old from Bagani Campo, Candon City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.  What’s so important with her?  She’s an “agab-abel” of what they called “abel dagiti minatay ti Igorot in Benguet and Mountain Province.” Some of which are called Inniwes and Binaigan.

The woven cloth or burial cloth are being used by the dead one of Igorot like in Bontoc, Sagada and other parts of Cordillera– it depends upon the color.

They say, she’s the only one now, who can weave this kind of mantle that is worn specifically by males who passed away.

In the “abel”, the design include a boat, figure of a man, and a place what they called “saeban”.  Anyone can weave, but only by her hand this design can be made.

Nana Salvacion do the “gan-ay”, “rimas”, “piltak” and the weaving.

But Nang Salvacion is too old now to do this mission which she inherited from her mother’s mother. Igorot’s in weary where they will go if Nang Salvacion cannot do anymore the weaving.

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  1. Mrs. Salvacion Ramos is a unique Candonian. She is a part of our culture and heritage. She has contributed much to our tradition as native Filipinos and an Ilocano or Igorot for that matter. This news about a Candonian is worthy to be known especially for us who are far away from Candon. I am waiting for some fabric that she made before we doa press release on her. Thanks for your very important contribution to our culture.

    Lilia Ramos Alog
    ( President – Candonians of Southern California Inc.)


  2. Nakalkaldaang laeng, Ma’am, ta itay nabiit pay laeng, naipadamag kaniak a pimmusayen ni Nana Salvacion. Ti rigatna, awan san ti timmawid iti daytoy a talugadingna nga agabel a kasapulan unay dagiti kakabsat nga Igorot


  3. I witnessed how Salvacion Ramos’ weaved the “binaigan and inowes”. Truly, she is an important part of the Igorot and Ilocano Heritage/culture. She will be missed.


  4. Indeed she’s a great loss to our cultural heritage. Rest in peace t’yang Vacion. But i do think that t’yang Vacion taught t’yang Deling to weave the “saeban” but i’m not sure if she can do it on her own. As a kid, i used to watch her teach/assist t’yang Deling to weave the particular cloth. So sad my mother (Lydia) didn’t pursue her intention to learn it from t’yang Vacion. If indeed t’yang Deling can’t do it on her own then everything is lost for our brothers in the Mt. province. I’m sad this has to happen.

    This story then can be paralleled to the death of the Egyptians’ first born sons. They grieved the loss of their first born sons because of their important role during the funeral of their fathers. If the first born son is not there to perform the funeral of his father, that means the father cannot be transported the next life, for it is only the first born son who can perform the task of transporting his father to the after life. So there was nothing more tragic for an Egyptian father than the loss of his first-born son.


  5. Indeed she’s a treasure that cannot be recovered. Rest in Peace t’yang Vacion. But i think all is not lost. As a teenage boy i used to watched her teach t’yang Deling how to weave the abel-binaig, i just don’t know if t’yang Deling can do it all by herself. unfortunately for all of us, my mother (Lydia) didn’t pursue her intention to learn how to weave the abel-binaig. If indeed t’yang Deling cannot weave the abel-binaig all by herself then all is lost. This story then can be paralleled to the story of the death of the first-born son of the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian fathers believed that they can only be transported to the afterlife if their first-born son perform the ritual during their funeral.


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