Fr. Jose Burgos Awardees

Fr. Burgos Awards was given to the Ilocos Surian individual who shine in their own field of expertise such as Sports, Business, Religion, Government, Arts…

  1. Mr. John Daniel Lemi, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
  2. Mr. Christian Jan Raquepo Suarez, Vigan City
  3. Mr. Gerardo Rosario, Vigan City
  4. Mrs. Visitacion Co Javier, Vigan City
  5. Dr. Antonio Lahoz, Sr., Vigan City
  6. Mr. David Pichay, Vigan City
  7. Mr. Fidel Go, Vigan City
  8. Mr. Alejandro Rosario, Vigan City
  9. Ms. Dita Sandico Ong, Vigan City
  10. Atty. Nelly Favis Villafuerte, Vigan City
  11. Arch. Edmundo Abaya, Candon City
  12. Mrs. Minervina Dario Singson Candon City
  13. Mr. and Mrs. Bienvenido & Milagros Rodriguez, Candon City
  14. Mr. Lorenzo Lucero Mata, San Vicente
  15. Dr. William Dar, Santa Maria
  16. Cong. Mauricio Domogan, Quirino, Ilocos Sur

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