Minervina D. Singson, Pianist/Musician


She graduated at the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music, major in Voice Culture and minor in Piano.  She was referred to as the Nightingale with a Golden Voice while performing at different places of the country.

When World War II broke out in 1941, she went back to her hometown, Candon.  There, she opened a school of music and she taught voice culture and piano.  She pursued her teachings profession even when she got married to Dr. Leonilo Singson– a surgeon and a native of Vigan City.

She almost lost his voice due to illness in the early of 1970s which affected her musical career.  Fortunately, Rev. Father Santos Rabang, the parish priest of San Juan de Sahagun Church of Candon encouraged her to compose songs.

As of today, she converted hundreds of poems, mostly written by Fr. Rabang, into a classical music.  She performed  in eight concerts– lately was on November 30 inside the Church of Candon, where it generated P1 million for the improvement of church.

At the age of 89, she is still alive in putting melodies to the weekly responsorial Psalms played during the Sunday Mass.

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