The Banayoyo Dance Troupe proudly presents in the first Begnas Ylocos 2008 the Tallibeng.

Tallibeng is a joyful dance being performed during Begnas. It is a dance for purpose of festival activities.

The musical instrument used in this dance are gongs, which are disc-shaped instrument of the percussion type. The musician are men only wherein the number of which varies from four to more than gong players. The gongs are held from the string with one hand and beaten by other hand with stick about eight inches long. These gongs are called ‘ganza’ in the locality and the stick is called the ‘patik’.

The tempo varies from slow, moderate to fast. The beat players prefer the moderate tempo. Lifting and brushing their feet one after the other to rhythm of the instrument. The musicians go around. They go from left to right following the leader whose feet, body movements and other gestures are imitated by the rest of the players. With good and experienced players, the rhythm is almost perfect.

The dancers are composed of eight or more gong players paired with equal number of women. It can also be performed with more number of women performers. Dancers moved accordingly with tempo of the gongs and they can make different formation like circular, v-shape, or they can form letters of the alphabet that is related to the occasion. The participants or so called performers have no limit in number—the more participants, the happier. This is sometimes called ‘laboo-labo’ for the sake of fun and enjoyment.

The tallibeng is a festival dance and it can be danced in any special occasions except funeral.

Others called the tallibeng as ‘pattong’ or termed it as ‘mangmangsa’, so if they dance this, they say ‘mamattong tako’ or mangmangsa tako’.


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