SBM Rudy Galima, Pimmusay

Pimmusayen ti maysa a pagtamdan a pulitiko ti probinsia ti Ilocos Sur gapu iti sakit a sinagabana.

Ni Dr. Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Galima ti pimmusay idi Mayo 27 gapu iti di pay nadakamat a sakit.

Ni Dr. Galima ket agdama a Sangguniang Bayan iti Galimuyod, ngem sakbayna ket nagbalin a Sangguniang Panlalawigan ti Ilocos Sur ken nagbalin a kapitan iti barangay Oaig Daya Galimuyod sa nagbalin nga ABC president iti daytoy met laeng nga ili.

Nagtakem pay isuna a maysa a kameng ti konseho ti Candon iti namitlo a daras.

Maysa kadagiti pagtamdan a pulitiko gapu iti nadalus a pakasaritaanna a nagserbi kadagiti kaprobinsiaanna.

Kas maysa a doctor, adu dagiti natultulonganna nangruna dagiti marigrigat tapno maikkan importansia ti salun-at ti tunggal maysa.

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  1. Hi! My son tried to google-search my Dad’s name and found a link to this site! On behalf of the Galima family, I would like to thank whoever wrote this heartwarming article about my Dad. At the moment, we are still grieving and mourning about his loss and I know that only time will heal the pain. We are now leaving everything with God because we know my Dad’s untimely death happened for a reason. Again, my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the writer. I would be happy to hear from you. God bless!


  2. Coming from a media background in the past, I have been disillusioned by the fact that most journalists/writers, etc only write a good article if they have been paid to do it. However, having stumbled on this site by accident, you have proved to me that there are still a few decent people like you who will write something nice about other people, in this case my Dad, without being told by anybody, and much so, without any ‘strings attached’. Hats off to you! May your tribe increase. 🙂


  3. I have known your father since he was still a bokal., i seldom go with him to cover the session. The last time i saw Sir Rudy was during the baptism of child of Myrna Novida of Oaig Daya, if im not mistaken, it was December.
    Your father is a great man, maa’m.


  4. Hi again. ‘Saluyot’, do you mind telling me your real name? Are you from DZTP? I was once the Station Manager there so I am wondering if we have met each other in the past? Please leave another comment. Thanks


  5. yes ma’am, we have met, thats why im really bit shy to tell my name. yes, right now, i am still working at dztp. how do are now na?


  6. Oh no! … you really have to tell me your name! Okay, I will guess … you are either Jeff Barredo or Danny Antalan? Please reply. 🙂


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