Kekaha Sugar Co. Band, Graciano Gadiaza; Sakada

Kekaha Sugar Co. Band

Kekaha Sugar Co. Band

As we can the pictures at the top, there’s this Kekaha Sugar Co. Band. I tried some research and found nothing. Maybe, I’m not just lucky enough to find this one.

But during our research of Sakada’s of Candon, we found this picture from the family of one of the Sakada. A picture of Kekaha Sugar Co. Band.

It was an old picture of a band, with big lettering on the bass drum. A complete group with their musical instruments. A saxophone, a flute, big trumpet and others that I don’t know the name.

The picture belong to Graciano Manzano Gadiaza, a native of barangay Calaoan, Candon, Ilocos Sur.

The family said he came to Hawaii to work in sugar plantation in 1929 and return on 1939.

According to Nana Nena Gacutan Gadiaza, one of his daughter, his

Tang Graciano is far left

Tang Graciano is far left

father brought him in his return this picture and an old musical notes that was believed he used during his membership in the said band.

There’s this picture taken with the family circle of Graciano, the one with arrow pointing his physical appearance during his youth. At far right.

At the band, we presumed his appearance beside the bass drum, at left side.

Searching on google, Kekaha Sugar Co is located at farthest part of Hawaii, in the county of Kauai. It is one of the many places in Hawaii that Ilocano had worked in sugar plantation.

The first Filipino  sakadas that worked in sugar cane plantation was from Candon City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.


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