Waiting Letter From Palanca

Anyone who have received his good news letter from Don Carlos Palanca Literary Memorial Awards?

CONGRATULATIONS! You have made it to the list of 59th awarding at The Peninsula Manila.

You have received none? Better luck next year? You chance is 80-20. Only 20 percent on your winning. And the other 80 percent? Maybe– and maybe, this is because of traffic.

I, myself, as one of contestant, eagerly waited that red plastic letter cover of LBC to be deliver in our house or in station. Of course, because when you compete, you have to wait for the result. This is the most prestigious literary award in the country, you know.

The story was this, the crucial time for receiving this letter is always at the first week of August. So, cross your finger and be amused to wait of that “tek! tek!” of alutiit in your ceiling. If they do… ahh, I have my 70 percent of chances. If they didn’t, come on, agtiliwkan ta ilitugmon ti iposna.

My hands– I am always assuming that it feels itchy. And maybe, this sounds good, I thought I have felt that good itchiness.

Last year, Wednesday, I presumed… it was delivered in San Nicolas, San Esteban, Ilocos Sur. But oh boy, when Thursday came, there’s no sign of luck. If it didn’t come on Friday, my hope is wasted. I told myself.

And it was Friday. Afternoon. The whole day, the door was open, the gate was open… only one shout, just only a shout… automatic, addaak iti sanguanannan.

But no letter. And it is 4 pm.

Suddenly, my phone ringed. An unphonebook contact. “Hello,” I answered. “Hello, this is Leslie of Palanca Awards…”

And I screamed so loud that my baby cried because he thought that I was crazy, ha ha ha.

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