Longanisa Festival of Vigan City

It was colorful… and delicious. And I was there…

The Longganiza Festival of Vigan City on January 22, 2010 was filled with fun and smiles. A lot of people waited in the side roads to have a glimpsed on Longanisa streetdancing on that sunny afternoon.

Ti ngamin January 22 ti kaaldawan ti fiesta ti Vigan City.

Actually, the colorful streetdancing and parade was the second part of the day’s event. In the morning, the Extreme Longganiza Challenge was held.

Okay, un-unaentayo ti streetdancing.

There were two categories. Category A are street dancers ages 16 below… 10 contingents participated in the event, most elementary and high school students. Category B ages 17 and up, there are 4 contingents, mostly college and university students.

Of course, there theme is all about longanisa. And oh, it should be in coordinated to Vigan saint patron San Pablo.

The dress are so colorful, mostly of silky clothed. I guess, i have seen an abel. They are innovative on how they design their costume. Their dances are graceful, the smiles in their faces.

Started infront of Vigan City hall, the parade and streetdancing stretched to calle Quezon curved to Mena Crisologo street… the historic street of Vigan City. The facade, the stone wall, the baroque design… old houses of Vigan. Nagsayaat ket ngatan nga agkalesa iti daytoy a disso.

But anyway, before I forget, the activity in the morning includes the contest in making longest longanisa and most delicious daw… diak ngamin naramanan.

There were four participants… 4 teams also. Their worked started in butchering the meat, grind, timplaen, and finally, do the longanisa making.

Team 1 made 51.35 meters; team 2 scored 77.08 meters; team 3 is 78.69 meters and team 4 has 66.74 meters.

But wait, before you packed your things to leave Vigan, hold for a while… why don’t you stay a little bit, and wait for the grandeur Kannawidan Festival of Vigan City… starting this January 28.


One thought on “Longanisa Festival of Vigan City

  1. i’m proud of my sister trisha mae palijo also known as the longGanisa baby of Vigan city..A grade 3 pupil of naGsangalan Elementary School.,PoSted right tHere..LoOk UP.:)

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