Mentally Ill Mother Gave Birth

A healthy baby boy was born in Candon City Health Office at around 3pm. It was a normal delivery and everyone else in the health center was so excited and happy to see the newborn baby.

And to their gratitude, they gave gift and prayers for the baby… diapers, baby clothes, mother’s clothes, milk. Amin ket naurnos ken naragsakan, nupay adda ti panakasdaaw kadakuada.


Because the baby’s mother is mentally ill… well, that just what they believe, becuase everyday, you could see the mother (when she was still pregnant) roaming around the streets, wearing dirty and rugged clothes… and sometimes, wearing nothing at all.

And the father? Presumably also mentally ill… kas met laeng ngamin iti ina a makitkita met laeng a narusanger nga agpagna-pagna iti kalsada.

Before the birth, they sometimes saw this duo making love. No one bother to distract them, and even help them for comfort. Kasla kadawyan laeng a buya bayat iti labing-labingda.

Mothers name is Belen, 32 years old and believe to be from Pasig City. When interviewed in hospital, she said she just walk all the way from Manila.

After the birth, the mother was taken to Candon City Hospital for medical treatment, along with the baby. They are now under the custody of DSWD.

They say, someone is interested in adopting the baby… but that was just a rumor.

No dadduma, adda dagiti umili nga adda diperensiana iti panunot a maisar-ong ditoy, ngem maisubli dagitoy no maibagada ti naggapuanda, adda met dagiti naipan iti mental hospital, ngem adda latta met dagiti narigat a maisubli iti lugar a naggapuanda.

Daksanggasat, ngem kas maysa a parsua, adda latta met rikna iti bagi tapno pagustuanna ti marikrikna, uray pay iti estado a di koman rumbeng, ta komplikado.

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