How he survived the lightning struck

Not everyone can survive the million volts and million amperes lightning arm… but this man still alive!

A fisherman cheated death when he luckily survived the lightning struck through to his forehead while gathering fish at a fishpond at barangay Pinipin, Santa Cruz, of this province.

A father of two, Larry Garnace, 43 years old, of barangay Nagtenga of this town, said he was lucky to have his second life.

During interview at their residence, he can’t yet stand still nor sit because he can still feel the shaking of his muscles and feeling weak.

He said, together with his brothers Danilo and Diosdado Garnace, and neighbors Roderick Lozano and his son Rendel Lozano, went to barangay Pinipin to catch fish with fishnet.

At around 4:00 pm, and about to go home, when a lightning passed through them, the victim who is standing at that time was unluckily hit.

He fell to the ground, and his brothers quickly approached him. One of his brother thought he was dead already.

But his brother Danilo, upon feeling his pulse is still beating, applied mouth to mouth resuscitation, they brought him in a safe place, asked assistance to barangay officials and brought him to Santa Lucia District Hospital and transferred to Candon City Hospital.

He was unconscious for more than three hours, and at that time, he said he hears a bird sound as if calling him. He didn’t feel the near death experience.

At around 8:00 pm, he woke up and thought he was in their house. When he learned that he’s in hospital after lightning struck him, he felt the happiness in his heart he’s still alive.

A vinegar inside a bottle of mineral water was hanged on one corner of his house, he explained that this is ‘sumang’ so that lightning won’t come near his house because he got scared every time he hear a lightning struck.


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