Why Should We Vote Vigan City As The New 7 Wonder Cities Of The World

vigan cityVigan City is now the prime tourist destination in the Philippines one of the 28 cities around the world considered by New 7 Wonder Cities Organization in selecting the 7 wonder cities of the world.

Director Jean Paul dela Fuente, the Director General of New Wonder Cities of the World said that initially there were 1,200 cities included in their list.  As of now, there are 28 left through online voting.  It will be again reduce to 21 cities this July and the Top 14 will be reveal this October 2014.  And if it goes well, the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World will be introduced by the end of the year.

Director dela Fuente visited Vigan City last month to promote the said program.  Vigan City is a big contender but needs everyone’s vote of the whole Philippines and whole Filipino community around the world to be included in the list.

Vigan City is the only contender of the country.  Tourists now are flocking and will cater more of them when the organization officially declare the chosen 7 cities.

Here are some reasons why should we consider voting Vigan City.

  1.  Mena Crisologo Street.  The brick road of the narrow street turns enchanting at night.  The street is home of the Hispanic architectural designs of early homes of the Philippines.  This is the home of the early Chinese, Japanese and Spaniards who were the first tourists of the Ciudad Fernandina.
  2. Baluarte Zoo.  Nothing to worry about entrance fee, it’s all free.  Owned and developed by former Governor Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson of Ilocos Sur, Baluarte is home of many African animals like tigers, ostrich and many others.  The haven of butterflies is so enchanting.  Thousands of people visits the zoo.
  3. Saint Paul Cathedral.  If there is one edifice people rushing to do selfie is the Saint Paul church.  The belfry of the church is detached and actually a road between them separated the two edifices.  The church is as historical as Vigan City.
  4. The Burgos Museum.  The old house that turned into a museum is the birthplace of Fr. Jose P. Burgos—one of the three martyr priest during the Spanish colonization.  The museum is home memorabilia, pictures, early accessories, wares, and others.  Father Burgos’s things can also be seen in the museum.
  5. Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia.  The diocese was originally situated in Lallo, Cagayan in 1595 and was only transferred to Vigan in 1758.  Less visited by tourists but the place is home of historical pages of Vigan City.

There’s more reason why should we visit The Heritage of Vigan City.


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