Mushroom In Banana Leaf


We often call them the flowers of thunder and lightning because they often pop-out in the next morning after the overnight rain and when the lightning and thunder strikes.

The native mushroom which we often gather in the hillside of the mountains or in the decaying stalks of rice in the fields or around the plantations of bananas is what I’m talking about.  The mushroom is like a chocolate-umbrella.

How do we cook them?  The best way is the Ilocano way.  And what is the traditional way of cooking the native mushroom?  Through the leaf of the banana.

The gather mushroom is cleaned and segregated into desired size.  I put the mushrooms in the leaf of banana and add some onions, grind ginger, oyster sauce and some seasoning.  Well, sometimes I add it up with citrus fruit.  Fold the leaf and compact so the juice won’t spill.

I cook the mushroom in two ways:  one is by putting inside the rice while cooking rice;  the other one is by grilling it over the coal fire.  Either of this two, I really love the taste of the mushroom.


3 thoughts on “Mushroom In Banana Leaf

  1. I really don’t know the English term and yeah, the Latin. But it is uncultured mushroom or native in the Philippines usually comes out during rainy season. Some varieties may as large as 3 inches in diameter while the variety called “uong-billit” (bird mushroom) is so tiny that is cannot grow in more than half an inch.

  2. When and if it comes up again, I would appreciate a close-up picture of it. Thank you.

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