Do You Know Daligdig Mussel?

Daligdig in soup base dish, the best for mussel.

Daligdig in soup base dish, the best for mussel.

Daligdig is a kind of mussel so common in our place Ilocos.  I don’t know if this can be considered as exotic food or just a unique food.  As I have said, daligdig is common in Ilocandia, well, particularly in San Esteban.  It is gathered along the seashore particularly in sandy part of the shore where some sea grass grows.  The fishermen gather daligdig in the grassy part of the shore which can be easily seen when the sea is in low tide.

Unlike the famous tahong or Asian green mussel, the mussel grows only around an inch long.  The shell is coloured brown to dark and the flesh is orange to reddish especially when cook.   But one big unique thing about the shell is… well, the shell.  A kind of small seaweeds or sea grass grows in the shell of daligdig.  These seaweeds could give unique taste for daligdig when cooked.

The best dish for daligdig is soup based recipe.  The cleaned is just added to boiling water with ginger, tomato onions and some young vegetable leaves.  The bit spicy soup and the delightful taste of the flesh of the shell would surely catch your taste buds.

photo and copyright to saluyot


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