PNP Region 1 Accomplishment Report On Illegal Drugs

The Philippine National Police of Region 1 has intensified the campaign against all forms of illegal drugs seized around Php459,661,948.53 worth of prohibited drugs for the first semester of 2014 .

PCSupt. Roman A. Felix, Regional Director of PNP Region 1 said this is much higher as compared to the same period last year with only 52.7 million worth of confiscated illegal drugs.

He said the PRO1 gained the highest score in its drive against Marijuana wherein a total of 238,001 MJ plants, 500,001 seedlings, 293.73 kilograms of dried MJ and 10.24 kgs. of seeds were confiscated in various police operations all over the region.

Around 960.09 grams of shabu and 2,750 grams of other illegal drugs were also confiscated within the period. Based on records, the biggest number of illegal drugs confiscated is Ilocos Sur.

PCSupt. Felix added that 326 cases were filed in court against the 422 arrested persons.

The illegal drugs were confiscated from series implementation of 217 buy-bust operations, 95 Search Warrants and raids, 35 checkpoint operations and two (2) MJ eradication.

The Regional Director likewise stressed that under his watch massive anti-illegal drugs operations will be implemented to ensure the reduction of supply and demand of illegal drugs especially marijuana which is common in the region.

“This accomplishment manifests the strong partnership and collaboration of the Region 1 police, local government units and the community to sustain a unified mission in eliminating illegal drugs in our region, as well as it sends strong message against those behind this menace”, PCSupt Felix added. ###


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