Giant Rare Fish Ashore In Ilocandia


The giant and rare sunfish that come to shore of Candon City.

The giant and rare sunfish that come to shore of Candon City.

Not just one but two giant sunfish come ashore in the coastal village of Darapidap, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.  Commonly known to fishermen as “mola-mola”, sunfish is considered to be a rare kind but not endangered or protected fish in aquamarine marine species.  Not all the time the people can see this giant fish because they spend their time mostly in the ocean.

The fish weigh around 120 kilograms and around 1.5 meters in size.  Ten fishermen tried to lift the big fish, still they need more help ashore the fish. The fish might got its name from the formation of the tail which is like a sun rays.

Sunfish are habitat to temperate and tropical oceans, the bony fish with thick skin can grow around 10 feet horizontally and weighing as much as 5000 pounds.  The fish is darkish in color with white markings and has to big fins, the upper part and below.

The fishermen are still puzzled why the two mola-mola decided to come ashore.  The big fishes are presumably sick because there was no any wound in their body.  The fishermen tried to return the fish to deep but the fish comes ashore.  The fish died of unknown reason.

Some presumed the fish are being affected by global warming.

photo is courtesy of Candon City Agriculture Office

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