Murders On The Road

dogsNot only people are the victim of vehicular accidents in the national roads.  And so with other living things are being run over by wheels of cars, vans, buses, and trucks.  Horrible death of these animals.  Murdered and no justice was given.


What are these animals?  Based on my observations, these animals are common murdered by drivers.

  1. Dogs.  Dogs in the village are mostly not chained and some are stray and roaming in the road.  The dogs mostly living along the road met accidents when not being care by the owner inside the home.
  2. Cats.  Cats mostly are bumped during at night.  And based on my observation.  When cats are in the center of the road and when an incoming vehicle is coming, cats don’t tend to evade the vehicles.  The just duck because of the heavy headlights of the vehicles.
  3. Snakes.  When roads are between the fields, farms, hills and bushes, the snakes came out and crossing the roads.  Because snake slowly moves in the cemented road, they cannot evade the incoming vehicles.
  4. Frogs.  Actually it’s seasonal.  During rainy season when it is raining, frogs that crossed the roads usually run over by big wheels.
  5. Chickens.  Because they roam around during the day, they are the lesser animals being victim in the road.

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