Region 1 Police Finished Motorcycle Course

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLRENDO- Seventy-seven members of the Region 1 police received their certificates after completing the 45-Day Motorcycle Riding Course during the graduation ceremony held at the PRO1 Grandstand.

Police Senior Superintendent Allan A. Parreño, Deputy Regional Director for Administration (DRDA) of PRO1 lauded and congratulated the 77 motorcycle riding cops as he graced the graduation rites.

He said, the MRC graduates will intensify the PRO1’s anti-criminality campaign particularly in curbing crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals operating in the region and they will be deployed as members of the Motorized-Anti-Street Crime Operatives (MASCO).

“Our newly trained motorcycle riders will be addressing crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals  and we have to do pre-emptive measures to shoo away criminals that may victimize our constituents,” PSSupt. Parreño said.

The DRDA likewise encouraged the riders to become bolder and more confident to perform their tasks, no matter the risks and obstacles along the way. “If you can now jump a four feet high obstacle with ease and confidence despite the tremendous risks, I am certain you have now developed even more confidence and courage to run after the evil elements of society and even lay your life on the line,” he added.

Meanwhile, PSSupt. Fortunato G. Guerrero, Chief of the Regional Highway Patrol Unit 1 (RHPU1), said knowledge of advance motorcycle-riding techniques will be useful in anti-crime operations, especially against motorcycle-riding criminals.

The training provided the participants with basic scientific motorcycle-riding techniques, correct riding posture, confidence in riding, jumping, long-ride and the do’s and don’ts of big bike riding. It also teaches participants to learn how to control their motorcycles during rainy and slippery situations, and when passing through congested traffic, as well as hazard awareness.

The MRC formally started on June 23 and participated in by thirteen (13) Police Commissioned Officers and sixty-four (64) Police Non-Commissioned Officers assigned with different police units of Region 1.###

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