2015 Longganisa Festival of Vigan City

viganVigan City’s first festival celebration of the year is the Longganisa Festival. The city is also celebrating the Binatbatan Festival of the Arts, Semana Santa and the Raniag Festival.

Longganisa is a kind of sausage called Vigan Longganisa which is so famous around the world. The distinction of the sausage is its richness of garlic and the aroma that this sausage only has.

Vigan City has just been declared as one of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World.

If you want to be part of Longganisa Festival 2015, these are the activities:
January 18: Agri-Float Parade, Crowning of Ms. Balikatan, Dance Contest
January 19: Educational parade, Marching Band Competition, Cultural Presentations
January 20: Coronation of Ms. Gay, Search for Mr. Vigan 2015
January 21: AVQ Variety Show, GMA Kapuso Night
January 22: Vigan City Day, Longganisa Cookfest, Longganisa Streetdancing Competition and Showdown
January 23: NGO Social Parade, Coronation of Infantile King and Queen
January 24: Metro Vigan Dancesport Club and Balik Vigan Night
January 25: Misa Concelebrada, Grand Parade, Coronation of Ms. Vigan

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