Elderly Week Celebration Push Through Amid Typhoon Odette


Who said senior citizens are not tough. While the children didn’t went to school because of typhoon, these guys are brave enough to push through the Senior Citizen celebration in Candon City.

So what if its Friday the 13th of October. Only few believed about the superstition that this day is unlucky. The senior citizen believed it is a lucky day so they held the Senior Citizen day today. Mr. Mike Carinio, the OSCA head believed it is a lucky day and no day is unlucky.

So what if typhoon Odette is harassing the place with the storm warning signals number 1 in the morning. The rain can be remedy by raincoat or umbrella; and there was no strong wind. There are floods in some area but not to the Candon Civic Center—the venue of the event.

Hey no one can stop these senior citizens to party. Not even the rheumatism or any diseases. It’s the date for Elderly Week celebration in the City of Candon.

This once a year bonding of seniors is one of the important events in their life. This is the only time they can dance again the favorite tempo on chacha and waltz, the only time to put on their best clothes and meet the peers and friends.

The party went on… rain or shine but not the scheduled medical, dental, optical and wellness mission that was supposed to happen today. The program continue and the guests that include Mayor Ericson Singson and Director Joy Concepcion of provincial Social Welfare Development Office among other important guests in the said occasion.

Mayor Singson delivered his inspiring message noting to the importance of the seniors which is more than 6,000 and noting to the great contributions they made for the city. Of more than three thousand seniors expected to come but around 500 only made it because of heavy rains in the morning.

Mr. Concepcion delivered the good news which she said the centenarians will be given an additional P15,000 each. The centenarians were given P100,000 from the government and the provincial government P5,000 every year the centenarians live.

Typhoon put the province under storm signal number 1 and dropped lots of rain in the morning.

The provincial Senior Citizen celebration will be held by October 18.


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