The Moro Watchtower Of Ilocos Sur

If there’s one intact edifice of watchtower in the Philippines, one of them can be seen in barangay Bateria, San Esteban, Ilocos Sur.

Just like all the moro watchtower this is located along the coastal area, just near the port of this town.

Ilocos have many watchtowers but many of the structure are damaged through the course of time. The government is trying to rehabilitate some of them.

This watchtower was believed to be built in 15th century by the Spaniards and the oldest landmark of the said town.

The moro watchtower was built as part of defenses of the village of that time against moros or pirates who used to ransacked the people and goods at that time.

The was builr in round shape with a height of around 7 meters. There’s one entrance and the walls facing the sea have holes where the canons are placed there.

In fact, the name of the barangay which is Bateria gots its name from the row of canons at that tower.

Today, the site was already as tourist destination by the the Philippine Tourism authority and was also listed in the National Historical Institute of the country.

Though renovated and flourished with the park and the stairway going up the tower, only few visitors were still going here maybe because its not yet known to the tourists.

Still, those who knew the place had their piece of historical pose in the tower.

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