Namungayan Village– An Indigenous Tourism

In Suyo Ilocos Sur, a mini village was constructed from local and indigenous materials with the concept of ‘the way we were’ rural living to attract local and foreign tourists.It is called Namunganayan Village- literally means ‘the beginning’ village. Dubbed as 5K or Kataltalonan (ricefield), Kakaykayuan (forest), Karayan (streams), Kabanbantayan (mountains) and Kannawidan (traditions). And its 5th years of celebration as part of their fiesta.Each barangay were tasked to make an animal-like structure from indigenous materials like rice plant, bamboo, twigs, cogon grass among others like crabs, chicken, carabao, deer and others. Other associations in the municipality also made the same structure. A jeep made from plywood and makeshift church can also be found inside the village.Also in the village is the traditional Filipino house or nipa hut with the traditional home equipments and kitchenwares.The mayor, Mario Subagan, said the village will be open daily up to 10pm until February next year. They build the village because more and more people are getting aware and visitors are multiplying every year.The “inditourism” or Indigenous Tourism becoming an option because of new ideas and environment of what people want to see. Yes, the old and old-fashioned are now the “in” in tourism because tourists are looking for different themes and stories aside from buildings, beach, resorts or any manmade and natural destinations.And the good news, as the government has said, an tourism app was being made for the province and this kind of destination will be added as an option to visit.

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