All OWWA RWOI Officers, Staff test Negative for COVID-19

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Regional Welfare Office I (OWWA RWOI) is pleased to announce the good news that all of their officers and staff were tested negative for COVID-19 following their exposure to number of Overseas Filipino Workers they have assisted through the agency’s travel assistance program and walk-in applicants for different programs and services. 

OWWA RWOI initiated the said COVID-19 testing to 44 regional officers and staff to ensure their safety ensuing that some of the OFWs assisted who were tested negative in their RT-PCR test came out positive after undergoing rapid test in their respective municipalities. Rapid testing is part of their Local/Municipal Government Unit’s standard operating procedure to returning OFWs (ROFs).

The said COVID testing to OWWA RWOI officers and staff was done from June-August 2020. They have also undergone isolation until results came in.

OIC-Director Gerardo C. Rimorin said that the safety of all the officers and staff is also the agency’s priority amid COVID-19 crisis. He likewise acknowledged their selfless sacrifices for the agency.

“With all my heart, I am grateful to everyone for all their sacrifices from the beginning of this crisis until today. All we want is to serve and assist the OFWs in the best way we could, and we could only do such if our health is not compromised that is why we are doing this”

Rimorin also added that the regional office wouldn’t want to be in a situation wherein an OWWA staff might be a carrier of the said virus as it will jeopardize the health of more possible contacts – OFWs, officemates, and their families.

On the other hand, the 44 officers and staff were grateful for the regional office’s initiative to have them tested as it has eased their anxieties as frontliners during this pandemic.

With this good news, the whole team of OWWA RWOI will come out more zealous in serving the OFWs and their families in Ilocos Region. (OWWA RO1)


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