Suicide Incidents In Region 1

Depression is a silent disease. Lately, the PNP-RO1 recorded some incidents believed to be suicide incidents. Here are some incidents.

When: 8:30 PM, August 16, 2020

Where: Brgy. Aguitap, Solsona, Ilocos Norte

Who: Michael Balaan y Gumaran, 28, y/o, with live-in partner, resident of Brgy. Aguitap, Solsona, Ilocos Norte. How: Maria, 10 y/o, discovered her uncle Michael Balaan lifeless hanging at the ceiling of his room with a nylon rope tied around his neck. Michael was rushed to Solsona Rural Health Unit for medical treatment but declared DOA by Dr Ruth De Lara.

When: 4:30 PM of August 13, 2020

Where: Brgy. Cabalaoangan, San Quintin, Pangasinan.

Who: Mark Anthony Gallardo y Mata, 30 y/o, married, resident of said place. How: At about 2:00 PM of August 13, 2020 said person instructed his wife to verify the money for the SAP at the Brgy Hall, of said place and when his wife returned, she found his partner hanging and lifeless inside their house using a hammock rope. Further inquiry revealed that when her wife left, subject person instructed his 9 y/o daughter and 7 y/o son to go outside their house as the latter will commit suicide. Subject person was rushed to RHU San Quintin but declared Death on Arrival. Further, subject person has an initial litigation at PAO Tayug on August 12, 2020 and agreed by both parties to settle the case wherein victim will pay the damages amounting to PHP 5,000.00 to the offended party however the latter has no source of income.

When: 5:30 AM, August 11, 2020

Where: Brgy. Caoayan, Sual, Pangasinan

Who: Jefferson Regines y Abata, 26 y/o, married, stockman at Cell Bank in Alaminos City, Pangasinan and a resident of Caoayan, Sual, Pangasinan.

How: Invest conducted disclosed that the said person was discovered by his wife, Elamie Regines y Trinidad, 28 y/o, herbal medicine sales promoter, while hanging inside their bathroom with his neck tied with a rope. Further averred by Elamie that Jefferson drink liquor alone inside their house on the night of August 10, 2020 and had an argument with his wife due to jealousy and accusing that Elamie having male chat mates. The cadaver of Jefferson now lies at Lazo Funeral Parlor in Poblacion, Sual, Pangasinan.

When: 6:40 AM, August 10, 2020

Where: Brgy San Jose, Candon City, Ilocos Sur

Who: Alex Budayao Acosta, 24 y/o, single, laborer, resident of Brgy Mabileg, Sigay, Ilocos Sur How: Initial investigation conducted disclosed that according to Maribel De Vera, 21 y/o, single, resident of San Jose, Candon City, Ilocos Sur (girlfriend of the victim) she saw the body of the victim hanged  in a mango tree with the use of nylon cord tied around his neck at the back of the warehouse owned by Arlene Damullan Gaerlan. The incident was immediately reported to Candon CPS. Further investigation conducted by Candon CPS according to his girlfriend their last conversation was last August 9, 2020 at about 10:00 PM and said person telling her that he will commit suicide.

When: 11:40 AM, August 9, 2020

Where: Zone 2, Brgy Catbangen, City of San Fernando, La Union

Who:   Chi Tian Tan, 63 y/o, married, Filipino-Chinese, and resident of said place How:   Said person was found by his nephew Richard Tan y Tian, 34 y/o, married, businessman, also resident of said place hanging inside his business establishment with a pink plastic rope tied on his neck. Dr Rumulo Monico of City Health and Wellness Center asserted that the body has no injury as a sign of struggle and declared dead.

Former Mayor Cobangbang of Cabugao, 2 Others Surrender To Police

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO- In his report to the PNP Chief, Police General Archie Francisco F Gamboa, Police Brigadier General Rodolfo S Azurin Jr., PRO1 Regional Director confirmed that former Cabugao Mayor Josh Edward Cobangbang together with Atty. Arvin Manibo Manaois, 28 and Engr. Crescencio Concepcion Marcos, 52, finally surrendered to the police Friday morning (August 14) at  Police Regional Office 1, Camp Florendo, Parian, City of San Fernando, La Union.

Cobangbang and 19 municipal employees under his term were accused of Serious Illegal Detention and Grave Coercion for allegedly detaining a resort operator and several employees during the closure of the resort.

The surrender came after 15 other accused voluntarily submitted themselves upon the implementation of Warrant of Arrest for the crime of Serious Illegal Detention and Grave Coercion issued by Hon. Gemma P Bucayu-Madrid, Executive Judge, RTC Branch 12, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan dated October 22, 2019.

Meanwhile, Police Brigadier General Rodolfo S Azurin Jr., lauded PCOL Ronald Tagao, Provincial Director and PLTCOL Louise Benjie Tremor of Ilocos Sur Police Provincial Office, CIDG Ilocos Sur PFU, personnel of Cabugao MPS, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division (RIDMD), Regional Intelligence Division, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 1 and Provincial Intelligence Unit, Ilocos Sur for the exemplary execution of said warrant of arrest.

“This is a manifestation that your police is doing all its efforts to apprehend those who transgressed the law,” he said.

He also commit that the Region 1 Cops under his command will intensify its anti-criminality efforts as an indispensable tool in achieving progress in the entire region.

The surrender is also attributed to the efforts of the former Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson (now the Municipal Mayor of Narvacan) and Cabugao Mayor Edgardo S Cobangbang Jr. who convinced them to voluntarily surrender to the authorities. As part of the health protocol, they will undergo 14-day quarantine here at Camp Florendo and will undergo RT-PCR on Monday (August 17). ####

PNP, AFP Retrieve High Powered Firearms and Subversive Documents in Sta Lucia Encounter


CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO- An armed encounter between the Philippine Army and Kilusang Larangang Guerilya – Southern Ilocos Sur (KLG-SIS) transpired Saturday afternoon and ended Sunday morning at Barangay Suagayan, Sta Lucia, Ilocos Sur.

Immediately after the clash, operatives from the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 1 (RMFB1) with the personnel of Explosive and Ordnance Division, Special Action Force, Ilocos Sur Police Provincial Office and 81st, IB and 702nd Brigade conducted clearing and retrieval operation at Brgy. Suagayan, Sta Lucia, Ilocos Sur, yesterday (August 9).

One team from RMFB1 103rd Maneuver Company together with the personnel of 81st IB, 7ID, PA were also deployed to conduct clearing and retrieval operation at Brgy. Ayudante, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

The operating troops were able to recover the following items:

  1. 4 pcs M16 Rifle
  2. 2pcs M14 Rifle
  3. 4 pcs Magazine for M16
  4. 6 pcs Magazine for M14
  5. 118 rounds of ammunition for M16
  6. 75pcs live ammunition for M14
  7. 1pc magazine for AK 47
  8. 1pc Cal 45 Federal 1911 with Serial Number 506151
  9. 2pcs magazine for Cal 45
  10. 3pcs handheld radio
  11. 1pc Cal 9mm pistol
  12. 1pc magazine for Cal 9mm
  13. 6pcs improvised IED
  14. 1pc Rifle grenade
  15. 15pcs improvised electronic blasting cap
  16. 10pcs assorted cellphone
  17. 2pcs flash drive
  18. 1pc firing wire
  19. 3 pcs reserve battery for cellphone
  20. 6 pcs double AA batteries
  21. 20 rounds live ammunition for Cal 9mm
  22. 2pcs bolo
  23. 1pc powerbank
  24. 2pcs switch remote
  25. 4pcs bandolier
  26. Assorted medical supplies
  27. Assorted personal belongings
  28. Other subversive documents
  29. 1pcs hand grenade
  30. Dried Marijuana leaves
  31. Dried tobacco leaves
  32. 960 pesos in different denominations

In his message, PRO1 Regional Director, Police Brigadier General Rodolfo S Azurin Jr., reminded all personnel to remain extra cautious and intensify our intelligence monitoring and internal security operations.

“Let us reaffirm our commitment of casting aside insurgency in Region 1 and work together towards our objective of Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict,” he averred.

The Regional Director also recognized the role of the community in the region’s counterinsurgency efforts.

“I extend my gratitude to the people of Ilocos Sur for your indispensable support in promoting social order in the province. It is manifested in your cooperation by reporting the presence of Communist Terrorist Groups in your area. I know that you are with us in this fight,”PBGen Azurin emphasized.

The recovered items are now under the custody of 702nd Brigade.

The PNP is now coordinating with the Philippine Army for the ballistic examination of the recovered firearms and for the filing of appropriate criminal charges against the Communist Terrorist Groups.####

PNP RO1 Send-Off For Personnel For SEA Games

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO Region 1 top cop and Task Group Commander, La Union, Police Brigadier General Joel S Orduña announced the preparedness and readiness of Police Regional Office 1 (PRO1) and headed earlier (November 26) the ceremonial send-off of personnel under the operational control of

Task Group “La Union” for the Southeast Asian Games on November 30 to
December 11, 2019 in Marangal Grandstand, Camp Diego M Silang Carlatan, City of
San Fernando, La Union.
“A total of 1,281 strong forces and resources from the Philippine National Police,
Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air force,
Bureau of Fire Protection, Office of the Civil Defense and other government agencies
were deployed,” PBGen Orduña said.
He also stressed to the deployed personnel to instil self-discipline, patience and
observe “maximum tolerance” and respect for human rights as well.
“We should be prepared for the worst and likewise hope for the best. And, I believe
that our strength can stand out with our roles to protect the conduct of SEA Games
2019 and ensure the safety and security of all delegates and participants for the
duration of the event,” PBGen Orduña averred.
The personnel who were deployed to provide security coverage for the SEA Games
are physically and mentally prepared and were given anti-flu vaccine, anti-
pneumonia vaccines and multivitamins prior their deployment.
The Regional Chaplain confers the blessing of all deployable personnel for the
consecration of their duties and responsibilities in ensuring the peaceful conduct of
SEA Games.
Present during the send-off were: Police Major General Emmanuel Luis D Licup, the
Director for Operations; Police Brigadier General Rey Lyndon T Lawas, D, PNP
TS/STF Commander 30th SEA Games 2019; Brigadier General Henry A Robinson,
Jr, Deputy Commander TG Site Central Luzon/Asst. Division Commander, 7ID, PA;
Director Peter Paul RG Galvez, DND Liason Officer to the 30
SEA Games; Dir
Danilo Cuenca, Regional Director, NTC; Hon Mario Ortega, La Union Vice Governor
and Hon Arturo P Valdriz, Mayor, San Juan, La Union; ###

Namungayan Village– An Indigenous Tourism

In Suyo Ilocos Sur, a mini village was constructed from local and indigenous materials with the concept of ‘the way we were’ rural living to attract local and foreign tourists.It is called Namunganayan Village- literally means ‘the beginning’ village. Dubbed as 5K or Kataltalonan (ricefield), Kakaykayuan (forest), Karayan (streams), Kabanbantayan (mountains) and Kannawidan (traditions). And its 5th years of celebration as part of their fiesta.Each barangay were tasked to make an animal-like structure from indigenous materials like rice plant, bamboo, twigs, cogon grass among others like crabs, chicken, carabao, deer and others. Other associations in the municipality also made the same structure. A jeep made from plywood and makeshift church can also be found inside the village.Also in the village is the traditional Filipino house or nipa hut with the traditional home equipments and kitchenwares.The mayor, Mario Subagan, said the village will be open daily up to 10pm until February next year. They build the village because more and more people are getting aware and visitors are multiplying every year.The “inditourism” or Indigenous Tourism becoming an option because of new ideas and environment of what people want to see. Yes, the old and old-fashioned are now the “in” in tourism because tourists are looking for different themes and stories aside from buildings, beach, resorts or any manmade and natural destinations.And the good news, as the government has said, an tourism app was being made for the province and this kind of destination will be added as an option to visit.

The Art Of Pottery Called Ugu Bigyan

If Ilocanos have Fidel Go in the art of pottery, Augusto Bigyan is also the popular potter of CALABARZON.

Ugu Bigyan, now well-known for his stone craft and design is from Tiaong, Quezon province. In fact his name Ugu Bigyan now synonyms to his works. It denotes his art.

Visit his home in barangay Lusacan and the impression of his artistry will come in your eyes. The wide array of his crafts are displayed all over his place and amazement will just become a normal reaction on your face.

All of his unique pottery craft bearing his signature. His crafts have gone a long way to homes, resorts, hotels and restaurants, making them soundly adorable and amazing cool.

His crafts include leaves, animals, birds and fishes, pots, earthenwares, kitchenwares, souvenir items among others.

He’s doing this since he was at 20s. And each years of his craftmanship adding also to his legacy in this kind of art. 

“Arts flourish during Imelda’s time (Imelda Marcos),” he said during interview where he was also flourishing as an artist. He’s decades into this business and said he’s been into hard times when the products are hard to sell.

He wants the millenials to appreciate his art aside from art patrons and those loyal to his crafts.

But it may be hard livelihood but he continue his potteries because he knows there will always be a time his crafts will be needed.


In step by step process he showed his works:

1. Mixed white clay together with silica and bullclay.

2. Soak with water for a week or more.  The longer the soak the better it is.

3. Drained the water to get the desired consistency of the clay.

4. Mashed very well so no bubbles will occur.

5. Ready for molding.

6. Mold to desired design.

7. After molding, trimming and cleaning.

8. Air dry (not sun dry because it causes crack)

9.Bring to fiing area and heat for 7 hours at 1,000 degrees centigrade.

10. Cool for one day.

11. He will put his signature. Wax.

12. Fire again for 10 to12 hours depending on colors or design.

13. Add some design, roots (if needed), pricing, display or deliver.

Angono And Three Legendaries

Angono, dubbed as the Art Capital of Philippines. Ever wonder why? Because they are legendaries.

Giants roam around, artists are all over the places, ancient drawings called petroglyphs are in the stone shelter and even vandals are nice to view in the manmade cave and cactus, the walls of street arts, the cafe’s and restaurants with the touch of art, the cuisine harmonized in arts.

Then the people who are so inclined with art. The families are artists, from the lolo’s to apo. And the best thing, they support their artists.

Three legends that caught me during the phase 2 of NCCA- PIA Heritage Caravan in Calabarzon. These three got big influences to the town and its people. It greatly define what Angono is about art.

1. The Higantes.

Giants or Higantes festival now a popular fiesta activity of the town. 

The higantes are made from paper mache that measures four to five feet in diameter and 10 to 12 feet in height. Higantes was influenced by the Mexican art form of paper mache effigies.

Wonder why the giants are in akimbo? Because they represent angry and authocratic Spaniards during their colonization in the Philippines. 

Stories have it that a town folk made an angry giant effigy. Because of its huge size it draws attention of people during those times. After a while the they shouted for a woman giant as couple. Then children of these giants, and then other effigies followed. Now they are in parade as part of annual fiesta celebration of the town.

2. Botong Francisco

He’s National Artist because of his influence and contribution to visual art that include paintings and mural paintings. He is one of the discoverer of petroglyphs dating back BC. 

Along the Poblacion Ibabaw street of Angono is the avenue of array of replicates of Botong’s works. Its the walls and fences of arts, the murals of Botong mastery and legacy.

His house is within that street. He was born here. It is where he started his name as a painter, muralist where he grow up and become a big name in visual arts. Few of his works and collections are displayed here. 

3. Blanco, The Family of Painters

Jose Blanco, also known as Pitok is a fisherman, in fact his wooden boat still in display their museum house. But he’s also the big influence to his wife Loring, sons and daughter (Glen, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay and Peter Paul) to love painting, then it goes down to his apo’s and then to his neighbors, and to the disciples of this art.

“They are precocious artist in their own right making the Blanco clan a unique collective of image of artists.”

Visiting the Blanco’s house museum of painting will surely amazes everyone. The array display of paintings is not just displays of greatness, mastery and artistry but also the stories of the family: how Pitok influence his family to love the art; how his children started to paint; how the children influence the mother; where they went to get ideas; what subject they are inspired to paint.

The museum is not just a house of paintings, its also workshops to mold and hone young artist, dreaming to be a painter, a place where artists gather and share stories, a place to get inspiration.

True to the theme “Sulong Luzon, Yamang Kultura at Sining.”

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