Let’s Ride Carabao Drawn Carriage In Villa Escudero

When was the last time you ride in your Apong Lakay’s ‘pasagad’ being pulled by his strong carabao. I doubt millenials have slendor experience that. But we, bagets and jeproks at that time have so much to tell.

Those were the days when carabaos and cows are the real kings of the road– umm, well, in the uncemented road. Today’s era is so much different now, the noisy trucks and speedy cars and big buses are the kings of the road now. 

Let’s escape from the traffic, escape from speed, from the noise and the view of the buildings. Lets bring back the time when you are enjoying the journey while riding the carousel and your neighbors are singing kundiman in guitar and ukulele. Where we call it journey and not a travel, where we call it ride and not a transportation.

Villa Escudero. In the border of Quezon and Laguna provinces.

Its where the luxury from nature is brought to you and the experience of what it’s like living in the past. When music and dancing is harmonized with the breeze of the wind of the hills and sways like the water flowing in the falls.

Its an exhilarating experienced for me to ride again in carabao drawn vehicle and listening to the folk songs while on traverse to the waterfall.

And my goodnesss, feels good to eat again with bare hand. The way we were. The original Filipino food are served and eating in the river. Then the water you drink are the original mineral water that you fill it up from clay water jar.

The way we were. Oh yeah, I’ve said it already. But can’t help it. Why? Because the music of rondalla still lingers in my ears now. As if I’m in hammock relaxing under the shade of the tree. And while my eyes are close I still watch the cultural dances of different regions in the Philippines. Oh, the performance is so great. The sways, the steps, the colors, the dresses and the laughters.

I have to sleep now and in my dreams the grandeur nature and the nostalgic experience will be reminisce again. 

What? How about the collections of religious artifacts that were displayed in church replica and the vintage collections of world war 2, and the mansions of the Escuderos’ who are still grand standing in the place? Why I wouldn’t write about it? Oh, let other explorers, caravaners, writers and bloggers featured them. We’re many participants in the Heritage Caravan of NCCA and PIA in Quezon, Laguna and Rizal or the CALABARZON, the phase 2 of Luzon Cultural Promotion with the theme Sulong Luzon, Yamang Kultura’t Sining”.

It was founded in 1880’s by Placido and his wifey Claudia Marasigan. It said to be a sugarcane plantation but converted by their son Arsenio as coconut plantation in the early 1900’s. And in 1981 it was open to the public.

It is now a prime tourists destination for locals, overseas Filipino and foreign visitors. Villa Escudero is the showcase of Philippine rich cultural heritage, offering the glimpses of its history, dress, cuisine and nature’s lavisgness.

My heart was left in Villa Escudero.

Giant Rare Fish Ashore In Ilocandia


The giant and rare sunfish that come to shore of Candon City.
The giant and rare sunfish that come to shore of Candon City.

Not just one but two giant sunfish come ashore in the coastal village of Darapidap, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.  Commonly known to fishermen as “mola-mola”, sunfish is considered to be a rare kind but not endangered or protected fish in aquamarine marine species.  Not all the time the people can see this giant fish because they spend their time mostly in the ocean.

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Coffee Farming In Highlands

The landscape beauty of Licungan.  So serene, so natural.
The landscape beauty of Licungan. So serene, so natural.

Life is hard in the mountains.  Only few plants can grow and fruit better in the high altitude and stony plateau of the community.

This is the reason why at least some of the villagers are seduced to plant prohibited plant like cannabis or marijuana.  Farming cannabis is as easy as any other agricultural products and so conducive to cold place but it is unlawful.  Did I say big earning, yes this is the best reason why they farm marijuana.

But it is illegal!

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Naidumduma a Panagtaraken ti Baboy

Kastoy ti panagpakanda ti baboy iti nalengleng a lugar ti Tubalina, Alfonso Gregorio del Pilar

Iti sitio Tubalina, a sakupen ti barangay Alfonso, Gregorio del Pilar, Ilocos Sur, naidumduma ti panangawagda iti baboy no pakanenda.

“Lisay!”  Ipukkawda.  Manipud iti nasulinek ngem nabato a parte ti bantay ken batbato iti likudan ti purokda, rummuar dagiti nangisit a kababoyan tapno umay mangan.

“Suksuko!”  Ipukkawda manen tapno iti kasta, dagiti met burias a nagad-adu ti umasidegen.

Ti nakaskasdaaw, adda nakemna dagitoy a baboy, ta ti pagturonganda a lat-ongan a pangananda ket iti batog ti akinkukua kadakuada.  Kabayatanna nga iti sabali pay nga agtartaraken, dagiti laeng kukuana met ti bumatog kadakuada.

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Kannawidan Ylocos Festival 2012

by Mancielito Tacadena

Ilocos Sur has a rich heritage and unique culture that are to be preserved for the next generations because it is observed that many of these traditions, songs, dances and other Ilocano culture are not familiar to the younger generations already. Children of today are paying more attention to the modern and novelty dances they seen on the television than the traditional ones. There is also a need to evaluate the different products of the different municipalities and the agricultural products and livestock of the farmers and fisher folks. Because of this, the provincial government of Ilocos Sur conceived a festival that will highlight these culture and traditions and attract local and foreign tourists as well. They call it the KANNAWIDAN Ylocos Festival, it is also a time to commemorate the anniversary of Ilocos Sur as a province since it was separated on February 3, 1818.

The celebration was opened by a celebrated mass held at the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral followed by a procession of the patron saints of the 40 parishes and images of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary around the province’s capital city. This shows the deep rooted religiosity of the Ilocanos. Rev. Fr. Roque Reyes who officiate the mass articulated in his homily that this festivity is the time to thank the Almighty not only for the abundance He showered for the province but also the rich heritage of the place including the strong ties among the Ilocano families.

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Vigan City 10D11 Fiesta

Ti Vigan City… the UNESCO World Heritage City in the Philippines is celebrating  its 10th year as a city and the traditional Feast of Conversion of St. Paul.

The occasion is the year opener of year round activities that includes Viva Vigan Binatbatan Festival of the Arts everysummer; the procession of life-size saints and carrozas and visita Iglesa of Semana Santa; World Heritage Cities Solidarity Day every 8th day of September; Raniag, The Vigan City Twilight Festival during All Saints Day; and Artes De P[ascua, Lantern  and Torch Parade as their way of celebrating christmas.

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Ilocos Sur: Ita Ken Kalpasan 10 A Tawen

Ni Mancielito S. Tacadena
Ladawan:Dante Tacata

Kayatmo kadi ammuem ti pakasaritaanna iti napalabas, iti agdama, ken ti panakasaritaanna kalpasan ti 10 tawen ti Ilocos Sur.

Ammuen dagiti naisangsangayan a imahe nga adda laeng ditoy Ilocos Sur nga awan iti dadduma.

Quadrant I:  Metro Cabugao “Ilocos Sur Freeport Special Economic Zone:” “… potensial iti benneg iti turismo gapu ta masarakan ditoy ti shrine ni Sto. Kristo iti Sinait ken ti St. William the Hermit Parish iti Magsingal, dua kadagiti pito a pilgrimage churches iti probinsia…”

Quadtrant II: Metro Vigan “World Heritage Area and Vigan IT Park” “…ditoy a paset ti Vigan Heritage Village a namagbalin iti Vigan kas kakaisuna a UNESCO World Heritage City iti pagilian… karaman pay kadagiti atraksion ti Baluarte Zoo, St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral ken ti Simbaan a Bassit (cemetery chapel) ken ti Sta. Maria Church a maibilang kas UNESCO World Heritage Site…”

Quadrant III: Metro Candon “Agribusiness and Light Industrial Ecozone” “…ti Dark Virgin of Sta Lucia iti ili ti Sta. Lucia nga agmilmilagro ken makaagas kadagiti nadumaduma a sakit iti mata. Agingga ita ket saan pay laeng a nagpaliar ti sundial iti ili a Tagudin nupay idi pay laeng 1848 a naaramid ken maysan kadagiti kadaanan iti pagilian…”

Quadrant IV   “Upland Biodiversity Ecological Resort” “… padasen pay a saksian dagiti naidumduma a kultura dagiti natibo kas iti ubong ti baboy ti sangabarangay iti Sitio Tubalina, Brgy. Bussot, G. del Pilar a no sadino a matartaraken amin a baboy dagiti residente ken mailasin ti bukodda a taraken babaen iti panangawagda iti nagan ti baboyda…”

Know more Ilocos Sur… basaen iti baba ti pakasaritaanna.

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