Begnas Ylocos 2012

Begnas, a feast of thanksgiving of tribe Itneg, Tingguian, Bago and Kankanaey during Begnas Ylocos 2012

Why not… imbes a magna a kasla supemodel, nagpintas met a kitaen ti maysa a kandidate ti pageant a rumampa iti catwalk babaen iti saliw ti tadek.

Ken yes, imbes a dagiti revealing outfit, nagmayat met a buyaen dgiti candidates in their ingay ken tapes dagiti girls, ken wanes kadagiti boyz.  Adda attraction latta metten dagiti dadduma a props kas koma ti ukbong, pana, etc.

Maayatanak ken magustuak la unay ti Baggak Ken Bagnos Ylocos 2012 bayat iti ipaparang dagiti 14 a Balasang Ti Away ken 12 a Baro Ti Away.  Isuda dagiti maaw-awagan iti IP’s bayat beauty contest a nairanta laeng kadagiti kameng ti tribu ti Ilocos Sur.

“Its a unique beauty contest,” quoted from one sir June Balbin, maysa kadagiti judge iti elimination round.

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Candon City Tobacco Festival 2012

CANDON CITY. Rinibu dagiti nagbuya a turista ken lumugar iti Beach Festival ken Tobacco Festival Streetdancing Competition and Showdown kas kangrunaan a tampok iti panangrambak iti fiesta iti Candon City idi Marso 23-29 itoy a tawen.

            Ti tinawen a tobacco streetdancing a naangay idi Marso 28 ti isaysayangkat ti Candon ti pinartisiparan ti sangapulo ket tallo a contigent manipud kadagiti na-cluster a barangay ti binuya ti rinibu nga umili ken turista.

Kannawidan Ylocos Festival 2012

by Mancielito Tacadena

Ilocos Sur has a rich heritage and unique culture that are to be preserved for the next generations because it is observed that many of these traditions, songs, dances and other Ilocano culture are not familiar to the younger generations already. Children of today are paying more attention to the modern and novelty dances they seen on the television than the traditional ones. There is also a need to evaluate the different products of the different municipalities and the agricultural products and livestock of the farmers and fisher folks. Because of this, the provincial government of Ilocos Sur conceived a festival that will highlight these culture and traditions and attract local and foreign tourists as well. They call it the KANNAWIDAN Ylocos Festival, it is also a time to commemorate the anniversary of Ilocos Sur as a province since it was separated on February 3, 1818.

The celebration was opened by a celebrated mass held at the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral followed by a procession of the patron saints of the 40 parishes and images of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary around the province’s capital city. This shows the deep rooted religiosity of the Ilocanos. Rev. Fr. Roque Reyes who officiate the mass articulated in his homily that this festivity is the time to thank the Almighty not only for the abundance He showered for the province but also the rich heritage of the place including the strong ties among the Ilocano families.

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Kannawidan Festival 2012 Highlights


Ladawan: Dante Tacata, Ricardo Raguini, Victor Rapanut

Teksto: Manciel Tacadena

3. PARTUAT KEN PATANOR. Ramramanan ni Gov. Chavit Singson ti malunggay ice cream manipud iti San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur maysa kadagiti nailako iti makalawas a trade fair. Manipd idi nairugi ti parambak ti Ilocos Sur idi 2008, adun a produkto iti talon, makmakan ken alikamen iti pagtaengan ti naitampok iti agri and trade fair. Maysa daytoy a wagas tapno maitandudo dagiti OTOP ti nadumaduma nga ili. Adda met dagiti maawis a negosiante manipud sabsabali a probinsia a makipaset iti Partuat ken Patanor.
4. ARI TI BASI. Pinagmulumog laeng ni Ernesto Riguera ti Brgy. IV, Vigan City ti sangabote a basi tapno maideklara nga ari ti basi bayat ti salip iti Kinnalaing a Mangan/Uminum iti maikadua nga aldaw ti Kannawidan. Malaksid iti basi adda pay pasalip iti kaaduan iti makan a kornik, empanada, shellfish cracker, balikutsa, kalamay, opia, bibingka, tinubong, longganisa ken bagnet. Amin a nangabak naipaayan iti P5,000 a premio.

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Feria de Candon 2011

November 30, 2011 (Wednesday)

6:00 A.M.                SACADA FREEDOM RUN:  (3-K & 5-K)   Start: Candon Civic Center

December 1, 2011 (Thursday

8:00 A.M.                LANTERN PARADE AND CONTEST:  City & Barangay Officials, Secondary &    Tertiary    Schools, Feria De Candon Committee and Guests


OPENING OF TRADE FAIR & EXHIBITS:  (District and Citywide)

Venue: Liquete Street


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Vigan City; Carbao and Boklan Festival

Kas kunada, its better late than never. Its only now that i find my time to post some of the pictures i took during Vigan City’s Binatbatan Festival.  Opppss, before my writing dominated the pictures, here they are now.

Painted Carabao with a message saving mother earth

A carabao painted in blue advocating stop illegal fishing and the carriage with bahay kubo and a tree with a message preserving mother nature.

First prize winner in Boklan contest

A mother and a child planting a tree in the heart of Vigan City. The two guys make it to bagged the top prize. Boklan is an art arranging seeds into a beautiful image with a message that can touch the heart.

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Candon City Tobacco Festival 2011

Highlights of 1oth Cityhood Fiesta of Candon include the Tobacco Streetdancing and Showdown; the Mr and Miss Ilocandia Bikini Open; Traditional Food and Sports Festival; Philharmonic Concert; Trade Fair and Exhibits and others. Enjoy and Happy Fiesta!

March 5 (Saturday): Presentation and briefing of Candidates in the Search for Miss Virginia Tobacco 2011

March 6 (Sunday): Badminton Tornament Juniors

March 11-12: Football Tournament

March 12 (Saturday): Fun Run

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