(Not) So Cute Love Story

A boy had a cancer and he only have one month to live. He liked the girl working in a CD shop very much, but he did’nt tell her about her feelings.

Everyday, he used to go to the CD shop and buy a CD so that he could talk to her.

After a month, he died. The girl went to their house and asked about him.  His mother told her that he died.  She took her to his room and she saw all the CD’s unopened.  And the girl cried…

You know why… she had kept her own loveletters inside the CD pack. Because she also love him!!!



There was a girl, that is very in love to her boyfriend eventhough they were far from each other.  The girl wait until her boyfriend back.  Before the guy back, she received a news that her boyfriend was getting married.  After hearing that, she cried overnight.

After two weeks, she received a card from the guy but she never opened it, becuase she don’t want the explanation of the guy.

The time comes, she went to the church, not to watch the wedding but to kill the guy.  She shoot the guy! The guy died!  After the burial, she open the card and it says:  “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH… WILL YOU MARRY ME!”

A Sad and Funny Story

Once there was 2 lovers. The past few days, they always quarrel coz of misunderstanding.  One day, the guy invited her gf in their house.  Inside the room, the guy said:  “if you really love me, give me what I want…”

The girl kissed her bf immediately and surrendered herself to his bf.  After the wonderful sex, the bf said: “i’m not yet finished talking awhile ago.  What I want is a break-up of our misunderstanding!  Anyway, thanks for making me happy, I enjoyed and I love it… but sorry, coz I have to say goodbye!

The 24 Hours

            One night, a boy asked his girl to marry him.  The girl give him a challenge, to live a day without her… no communication between them for 24 hours.  He can only communicate to her after that.  The girl promise to marry him if he pass the challenge.

            The boy call it a deal, not knowing that the girl had only 24 hours left to live cause she’s suffering from illness.

            After 24 hours, the boy went to the girls house, he went together with a ring, without knowing the girl was dead.

            The girl wrote a letter:  “baby, you did it! Can you do it again everyday?”


Lady in black

Cupid’s Shadow

One day, a boy talked to a cupid:

Boy: why do you shoot an arrow to boys and girls?

Cupid:  simple, to give joy and happiness to them.

Boy:  but did you ever try shooting your own self?

Cupid: do I have to?

Boy:  yes, so that you will know that it is not always joy and happiness u bring, more often, its pain, sorrows and hatred…


Honey R.

Story Of Butterfly And The White Rose


A butterfly was in-love with a white rose.  One day, the butterfly proposed to the rose.  The white rose told him that when she turns red, that’s the only time she’ll love him.  The butterfly then fly, cut his body and spread his blood on the rose.  The white rose turned red and fell in-love with the butterfly… but the butterfly was no longer alive!

My Sassy Boy

Dear Inay


            Ang sweet ng gf ko.  Bago kami matulog ay nilalagyan niya ng plastic ang mukha ko.  Pag dina ako makahinga, tinatanggal na niya.  Proud ako sa kaniya kasi siya nagturo sa akin magtipid.  Pag kumakain kami sa labas, ulam lang niya porkchop… ako ketchup. Nakakatuwa pa sa kaniya, di siya nanghihingi ng pera, kusa na lang siya kumukuha sa wallet ko.

            Kaso, hiwalay na kami, yung mga kaibigan ko kasi, siniraan siya.  Malikot daw ang kamay niya. Siya lang nagpupunta sa bahay ko, eh nawala yung ref. Iniisip ko naman, eh baka na-misplaced ko lang.





Marilyn Verdel