Murders On The Road

dogsNot only people are the victim of vehicular accidents in the national roads.  And so with other living things are being run over by wheels of cars, vans, buses, and trucks.  Horrible death of these animals.  Murdered and no justice was given.


What are these animals?  Based on my observations, these animals are common murdered by drivers.

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Giant Rare Fish Ashore In Ilocandia


The giant and rare sunfish that come to shore of Candon City.
The giant and rare sunfish that come to shore of Candon City.

Not just one but two giant sunfish come ashore in the coastal village of Darapidap, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.  Commonly known to fishermen as “mola-mola”, sunfish is considered to be a rare kind but not endangered or protected fish in aquamarine marine species.  Not all the time the people can see this giant fish because they spend their time mostly in the ocean.

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Felidel Vita-Aquino, Inheniero A Mannalon

ni Mancielito Tacadena

Babai a mannalon… ay, inheniero pay kaka… ket tuladentayo man ketdi tapno rumang-aytayo met, ammom ‘ya, no masurotantayo ti stylena…

Kastoy koma dagiti mannalontayo, ania? Bareng rumang-aytayon…

Sigud nga Agricultural Production Manager iti Ilocos Sur Tomato Paste Plant agingga iti panagserra daytoy idi 2008, mabalinna koma ti agtrabaho iti sabali pay a kompania a makasapul iti kas kenkuana a graduado iti BS Agricultural Engineeering ta agtawen laeng isi isuna iti uppat a pulo ket lima ngem kinaykayatnan a sinukay ti bukodna a talon. Dayta ni

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