Dadapilan Of Ilocos

Dadapilan refers to the simple machine use by sugarcane farmers to extract the juice from sugarcane stem and made it into different products such as vinegar, sugar, molasses, wine among others.

During the early times dadapilan was so common in every backyard or front yard of the farmers. The early dadapilan consists of two big trunks of logs with teeth serving as grid, the sugarcane will be placed between these trunks and will be pressed as the carabao or cow move in circular. 

The modern dadapilan now is almost the same though the trunks were replaced by iron (as seen in the photo).

Though sugarcane farming still exist but very few dadapilan now exist. Some are still being used in extracting the juice but mostly now are made into fine furniture like tables, chairs, cabinets and display item.

Farmers now are using modern juice extractor powered by electricity.

The process of extracting of sugarcane is called panagdapil. 

Ilocano’s of Ilocos Sur have the products from sugarcane like suka or sukang-iloko, basi or sugarcane wine, balikutsa or sugarcane candy, tagapulot or moskovado and many more. Each of the product have their own process to make the product.

Some delicacies are made with the help of the sugarcane.

Dadapilan is a tradition to Ilocano. This has been here long time ago and have been part of its history. If could be a synonym to ilocano culture.

There would be no sugarcane if the dadapilan didn’t existed. And as long as dadapilan existed in the lawn and field of the farmer, sugarcane industry will continue. And the life of Ilocandia will stay as sweet as the way it used to be.#

Season Of The Rice

Tribal Dance on rice harvest.
Tribal Dance on rice harvest.

The picture was taken during one of the Begnas Festival of Ilocos Sur in Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur.

It is now the season of harvesting rice. There have always been a connection between the season of rice and the tribal tradition of dancing tadek, playing gangsa and chanting of traditional songs.

Today, tradition has changed and so with the ways of farmers using now farming implements and equipments.

Search For Model OFW Family Award 2014

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration- Regional Welfare Office 1 (OWWA-RWO1) has conducted its Regional Screening and Selection for the 2014 Model OFW Family of the Year Award (MOFYA) at the OWWA Conference Room.

MOFYA is an annual event of OWWA recognizing the exemplary and notable accomplishments of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families in terms of family solidarity, education, finances and community involvement. MOFYA is now on its 10th year of paying tribute to the success stories of OFWs who sacrificed to live away from their families and were able to surmount the social costs linked with migration.

Each region shall have two MOFYA winners representing the land-based and the sea-based category. The regional winners from the 17 regions in Philippines will compete during the National Awarding, tentatively scheduled on December 4, 2014.

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Ni Reynaldo Duque kadduana dagiti sumagmamano a mannurat nga Ilocano iti maysa nga okasion iti Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature
Ni Reynaldo Duque kadduana dagiti sumagmamano a mannurat nga Ilocano iti maysa nga okasion iti Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature

Pinutarna ti sarita iti papel a danum—Rey Duque

Dakamatem ti naganna, ket awan ti mannurat-mannaniw nga Ilocano ti di makaam-ammo kaniana.

Isuna ti tao a nangipaay ti anges kadagiti agbibiag iti sarita.  Isuna ti nangipaay ti biag kadagiti aggargaraw iti lubong ti literatura.

No ti papel ket maysa a lubong.  Didiosen dagiti karakter nga inikkanna ti biag iti papel tapno aggaraw, agsao ken agbiag iti panunot dagiti agbasbasa.

Maysan nga imortal ti lugar a Bagani Ubbog.  Maysan a pakasaritaan ni Romeo Arquero.

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Naidumduma a Panagtaraken ti Baboy

Kastoy ti panagpakanda ti baboy iti nalengleng a lugar ti Tubalina, Alfonso Gregorio del Pilar

Iti sitio Tubalina, a sakupen ti barangay Alfonso, Gregorio del Pilar, Ilocos Sur, naidumduma ti panangawagda iti baboy no pakanenda.

“Lisay!”  Ipukkawda.  Manipud iti nasulinek ngem nabato a parte ti bantay ken batbato iti likudan ti purokda, rummuar dagiti nangisit a kababoyan tapno umay mangan.

“Suksuko!”  Ipukkawda manen tapno iti kasta, dagiti met burias a nagad-adu ti umasidegen.

Ti nakaskasdaaw, adda nakemna dagitoy a baboy, ta ti pagturonganda a lat-ongan a pangananda ket iti batog ti akinkukua kadakuada.  Kabayatanna nga iti sabali pay nga agtartaraken, dagiti laeng kukuana met ti bumatog kadakuada.

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Call him USEC Clark

Claron “Clark” R. Alcantara, 44, of Namnama Village, San Fernando City, La Union, is now Agriculture Undersecretary and concurrent Chief of Staff to  Secretary Proceso J. Alcala.

President Benigno Simeon Aquino III himself sworn in Alcantara along with Alcala and five other Agriculture officials in rites held at Malacanang just recently.

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Ilocana Nga Efren Peñaflorida

Ni Efren Penaflorida ket naglatak iti sangalubongan idi napadayawan daytoy kas maysa a bannuar ti higante a telebision a CNN idiay Estados Unidos. Daytoy ket gapu iti pagadalanna a de-duron wenno kariton. Adu nga ubbing ti maad-adalanna gapu iti daytoy a wagasna.

Adda met nalimed a kasta a bannuar ni Ilocano. Isu dayta ni Ma’am Gloria Lorenzana Agas. Daytoy ket babaen iti programana a Saturday Reading Club. Iwanwanwanna dagiti sumagmamano nga ubbing tapno rummuar ti talentoda iti panagbasa ken benneg iti arte.

Adda dagiti ubbing, agtawen iti tallo nga agpangato, nga agturturong iti balayda, oras alas tres agingga alas singko iti malem iti Sabado.

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