LANDMARKS and Monuments

  1. President Elpidio Quirino
  2. Mena Crisologo of Vigan City
  3. Pres. Quirino Museum


  1. Inside St. Lucy Church
  2. St. Lucy Church Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur
  3. St. Paul Cathedral Vigan City
  4. Santa Maria Church World Heritage List


  1. Bamboo Violin


  1. TADEK
  3. KASAY
  4. Uggayam
  5. Dalleng
  6. Balliwes
  7. Kankanaey Song
  8. Tallibeng


  1. Bannatiran
  2. Pamulinawen


  1. Rakem
  2. Burial Cloth
  3. Almires


3 thoughts on “Heritage

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  1. must be recognized those tourist spots and national Parks within the province…please find a way to develop them like other nationasl parks in the country..saan laeng a masmasnop kakabsat. IT WAS PROCLAIMED THE TIRAD PASS SHRINE as a national park of the Philippines therefore maintain and develop like Luneta Park and others…this is my battle cry a fair giving funds to every national parks in the philippines.Apay naturog ti Kabunian aya iti lugar a Gregorio del Pilar, Ilocos Sur…my advocy to develop this shrine tirad pass….plz help!


  2. we are calling forth the tourism director of ilocos sur, it needs improvement sir


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