Why Does It Rain During Tribal Festival?

Have you gone watched Panagbenga Festival of Baguio City last February, 2008… or the previous years?  Have you observed that during those festivities, it rains in the whole city.

“Yeah! Yeah!, that’s not new… Baguio is upland city, it is found beyond clouds, of course, it will rain” you may say. But we have also think that during the month of February begins summer.

During Begnas Festival held in Candon which was participated by tribes of Bago, Kankanaey, Tingguian and Ibaloi, I never thought it will rain.  Before the festival, the weather was so dry that you can’t sleep without electric fan.  No signs of typhoons, no signs of raindrops.

But on the first day, there’s sprinkle of rain drops… “ahh, blessings!” They rejoice.

On the… “blessings again!” But on the third and final day, during the awarding ceremonies, the “blessings” blown out.  It rains so hard. It rains that it makes the quadrangle muddy and wet.

So, why does it rains during these festivals.

A friend, Edilbliss, once asked me, why it rains during Panagbenga? I answered back, I don’t know, i said.

That’s becuase of those gangsa’s played by the elders before the festival.  Yap, those gangsa’s ignite rain everytime that “patik” hit the gongs. Don’t you know that during the early times, gangsa are also used during ritual before planting season to asked for rain.  And during, before and after this festivals, this gongs were used in many opening rituals. The more the gangsa were played, the more rain it will come.

We can therefore say, gangsa makes the rain in Panagbengnga and Begnas Festival.

Believe it? Naaa…

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